Healthy Diet Treats

Low Glycemic, Low Carb

No Trans Fat, No cholesterol

Low sodium Vegetarian

Kosher Treats









Smackaroos crackers are natural, organic and contain no additives and genetically modified ingredients.


One serving of crackers contains 100 calories,


The Smackaroos kosher crackers are high in protein(7g) and fiber(5g), low in sodium(110mg), and do not contain Trans fat and cholesterol per serving.


Smackaroos crackers are available in six delicious flavors

Sesame   Cinnamon   Garlic   Rye   Onion   Plain


Smackaroos crackers are independently lab tested to ensure accuracy on our labels. Now you can have a complete, wholesome snack without the guilt!


Soon Smackaroos will be providing a line of low glycemic products without sugar alcohols that are ideal for those on low carb diets or other restricted diets. These


Smackaroos do not contain cholesterol, Trans fat, and are free of Genetically Modified Ingredients (GMO free).


Smackaroos cookies (3g net carbs) are gluten- free and sugar- free.
They contain no sugar alcohols, no Trans fat and no cholesterol.

The Smackaroos line of products is co- packed in Florida under the kosher supervision of the Community Kashruth of Broward, Inc., in Sunrise, Florida.


Manufactured by Raultfoods Florida USA.